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*sigh* so i guess I'm finally doing these now. I'm honestly open to request, but depending on what it is you may have to commission it for me, sorry. Anyway here's the lineart commission, i think it's at a pretty reasonable price, nothing extra here, so it'll always be 100 points
Digital Color (Single)
A single portrait of any character, be it fan art or OC.
Digital art (Single w/ background)
A single portrait, but with an actual background. 200 is the standard for plain backs like the first 2. but one's like Buffalo Reborn which have more of an open background will be an additional 50 points.
Digital art (Multiple Characters)
These are only 300 since they take up a bit more time. The limit for the 300 is at least 3 characters, any additional you wish to add will be an extra 30 points.
Now I'm still open to scenario requests, however, I may also be a bit indifferent depending on what the scenario is. Because of this, still feel free to request, but also be prepared if it's not necessarily something I'll agree with. I'll help you out a bit: Things I'm okay with: (Giantess, Vore, and Violence depending on the extent of each). Things I'm indifferent on (Foot fetish, Adult Babies, etc.) 


With Me Always.
Today is a day like no other. For some it's a Star Wars day, some it's a birthday, someone it's their last day. And to many, it's just an ordinary day like no other. But for me...this is a day I'll never forget, as in just this one day, my life would never be the same again. Rest in Peace, Dad, i promise i won't let you down. (if anyone needs reference for this it can be found here…). On a lighter note, happy Star Wars Day guys. 
Room for Improvements: A look back
Wow...Honestly, I don't even know how to feel right now when it comes to my art. When I first started with that blank brick of a tablet back in 2015, I really was thinking i'd be stuck in that gap of trying too hard to make it appeal. Now, looking at this today...I just..never thought i'd see improvement like this. I always doubted myself no matter what and sometimes debated giving up. Seeing this work now is not telling me that I've won, it's telling me that it's just the beginning, and I've still got a ways to go, but I now know that I can manage that and this is the path I want to stay on however necessary. :iconguilyxabyss: :iconjaredsteeletype: :iconbatnats: :iconboxerboxy: :iconiekzyd: and so many others, I'd like to thank you for sticking with and helping me on this journey. I hope...well, i will keep drawing to better myself, just you wait. 
Happy Easter Everyone! Sorry for no Holiday pic this time around, just have a lot of things to put focus into. Regardless i hope that you all have a wonderful day :D!!!
Sorrow's approach to the monster threat was now in effect, and he was ready to use his first subject. When debating on who to use Sorrow remembered seeing female on his way to the la one day, performing simple magic tricks for kids. When presented with the opportunity, the optimistic Tricksy Kazam was happy to help out Sorrow, but she didn't quite know what was going to happen. Unbeknownst to many, Sorrow's plan was actually a bit more risky than he let on. Rather than giving humans just any inhumane abilities, to do this he clearly needed sources. For months, Sorrow has actually been revitalizing and fusing DNA from fallen monsters of the past. This DNA would be injected into the humans with a special serum that would allow their bodies to adapt to it. For Tricksy, Sorrow decided to go with the DNA of a fallen sorceress. At first, She didn't feel any different, but it was clear that changed were made once her wand started to glow and her hair turned blue. Rather than be upset, Tricksy actually loved her new hair, and was soon sent to QUAD's training camp. However even Tricksy didn't exactly know what her new wand had within it, for when trying to show one of the soldiers a simple card trick, she accidentally turned him into a pile of cards instead. The other soldiers quickly labeled her as monster, forcing her to flee before she was killed. Shockingly, Tricksy was not at all phased by this event, claiming there's so much more she needs to learn about magic. She now sets off to discover just what magic is out there, while still trying to learn her new abilities. 

Age: 22 Species: Human... Likes: Magic, Bunnies, London  Dislikes: Evil, Guns, Clowns 

Tricksy belongs to Deuce506
Lenin Kinoto was a very shy individual. He only talked to the ones he let in, and was never really much of a fighter. Little did he know one encounter would change his life

After hearing about the occurrence of monsters roaming within the world again, The world military organization,QUAD, decided that it neede to up its defense in order to deal with these beings. They entrusted Scientists Armin Zolav and Dimitri Sorrow to as the leads of this request. Both had different takes on the matter, with Sorrow being crazy enough to suggest the idea of giving humans such inhumane abilities to help neutralize the threat, while Zolav proposed advanced gear that could get the job done at the cost of several amputations to the human body. Needless to say, QUAD went with Sorrow's idea, Which angered Zolav, so much that he tried to prove his point. Searching for potential subjects, he came across Lenin and asked him if he could help him with a quick "survey". Lenin agreed....and was soon kidnapped by Zolav. After several experiments, extensive training, and the loss of his arms and legs, Lenin was turned into a killer super soldier with a very angered state of mind. Zolav encouraged him to take his aggression out on the monsters that plagued this land, to which he agreed. He may still be silent as ever, but the old Lenin was gone, He was now just a Neural Obstructive Antagonized Human, otherwise known by Zolav as, N.O.A.H  

Age: 20 Species: Human Likes: Fresh Air, Muffins, Tactical Visors  Dislikes: Monsters, Lynx, Zolav  

N.O.A.H belongs to Deuce506



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Hello Everyone, Deuce506 here with some pretty hefty news. Now I know that most of my content on here is mainly character bios and some fan art, and that i'm known to take some breaks, but it's time to focus on some truths. Truthfully, I think DA is a very great site for all, even if it is going downhill, but with as far as certain things go i wouldn't necessarily call it my destined site. Let me set it straight, for the last few years i have came up with a total of almost 20 series, and over 500 characters. Now those numbers may have shrunken down a bit, but they're still pretty big. So why is everything not here? Well it's simple, I don't see DA as the right place for me to place everything i want. I draw up a new scene or character bio almost every day, but more than half of them will probably never see the light of day on here. When i say DA is not considered the right place, what exactly do I mean by that, well there's a few points:

1) I plan to do comics, but can't really see them being here on DA, more on another site perhaps. I use DA as a means to introduce OCs and even shed a little bit of light on certain series. For example with all the content I've done I can see DA working better for No Man's Land, but not so much Fang Fiction.

2) I have certain interests, which you can easily tell just by looking in my favorites. I don't plan on changing these interests anytime soon, but I'm always iffy about posting them here because i see the kind of effect that's had on some of my friends.

3) Just posting art on DA is not just my main goal. I've got ideas for comics, games, animated series. Honestly I learned to write before i learned to draw, and I think that's helped me out quite a bit. 

On a more personal note, My family hadn't really seen any of my interests as a main career until just recently, but even still i doubt my work a lot, and I mean A LOT. But I got advice from a few people and it has really inspired me. I've learned That as an artist it's not about appealing to the people, but expressing yourself. Happy people take risks and life is short. Don't leave this world thinking you should've done this or that, do it! Anyway i hope you guys understand what I've been feeling latelty. I'm not leaving Deviantart, but in the near future i can't guarantee it'll stay my top priority.


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Paul Moore
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Hola, welcome to my page. I'm assuming that you're a fan of art, and so am I. I am currently an artist in training, which you will probably see throughout my beginning works. As for my personal interests, i'm a bit of a gaming fan, most notably Nintendo because of their wide selection of characters. There's not a lot to say for now, so feel free to look around.

MY Friends: :iconjaredsteeletype: :iconbatnats: :iconboxerboxy: :iconshunokurohi: :iconbaconbaka: :iconiekzyd: :iconguilyxabyss: :iconcelebi64:


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